Friday, May 30, 2014

Mom Finally Got A New Yaptop!

Mom got so aggravated with the old dinosaur of a desktop that she refused to blog!  We were not able to post many comments on y'all blogs because it would not let us.  Then when she tried to post something very impawtant from was so slow!!!  She said she was on strike until dad helped her out with a better means of being able to pawform her dogatary duties!  Dad finally gave us the go ahead and with much excitement, we finally have a new yaptop!  I am once again able to tell you about all my many adventures!!

Here I am....nekkid, snoozing and dictating to mom what to type!  I am such a multi-talented Mantastic thing!  I am able to sleep and work at the same time!!  BOL!!

Anyhoos....there is no excuse fur my Dogatary, aka mom now on not being able to blog!!!  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mischief-Move Me, I Dare You!

After my moms surgery, the dogter gave her lots of things she could not do. 

One of the biggest was not to lift anything over 5 lbs for 87 weeks…..fur real!

As y’all know, I have big mantastic muscles and they alone weight 87 pounds….

At furst, it was not a big deal.  Dad was always around helping mom out and would simply put me in the bed with mom….

 IMG_3513 IMG_3526 

We spent most days watching TV and snoozing (which is my favorite thing to do)!!!!


Then the no lifting 87 pounds quickly turned into a BIG problem!  If dad was not around, I would have to wait fur someone to pick me up….I don’t like waiting.  I would whine at mom and she kept telling me that there was nothing she could do!

Well, I showed her!!  I quickly took matters into my own paws!


One morning while she was having her morning coffee, I decided to hop on the table….There was nothing she could do about it!  When she got on to me, I looked away!!  BOL!!!


Then that evening, I did it again!  BOL!!!!

I was quite  proud of myself…until dad got home….Let’s just say, I was done jumping on the table!  Dad’s are mean, just sayin’.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Worn Out From Guard Duty

Last night we were all piled in the bed watching NCIS when mom had to pause the TV to go switch the laundry around. When she came back she found me like this…..

  higgins bed 2 higgins bed 3

She says, she can always tell when I have had a ruff day guarding the homestead when my ears are all floopy….

Whew, she was right!  My mantastic self was worn slap out…yesterday I was on high alert keeping all the bad guys away….and guarding my bones and stuffies….FROM NILES!

It’s a ruff  job, but somedog has to do it!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014




I took a selfie of me using mom’s phone!!!!

She is going to love it!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Mischief-Bone Wars

Here is a short video of what I have to go through to eat a bone around Niles. 

Of course, I won the Bone War, but Mom said that me growling and showing my teeth was a tad on the nasty side! 

Happy Monday Mischief!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Morning Goodness

  photo 1

Enjoying some Yoplait Greek 100 this morning!  Yum-O!

Happy Saturday Y’all!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Guess What….I Am BACK!

Hey Y’all!!!  Can you believes it?  I am finally back!  It’s a miracle…


Just in case you furgot what my manstasticlly handsome self  looks like….

It’s been a crazy and wild few months since I last posted.  Which was in January, January 6th, for the Dog-a-tary’s notes…..she’s the main reason I have not been blogging!  The nerve.

On her defense, she had to go the dogter in January and stay there overnight for a surgery.  Then it took 2 months for her to get better.  All she did was lay around, so I am a little confused on why she didn’t blog fur me….

She said it’s because her yap-top died….but we do have another compawter on the desk, but she complained that it is a dinosaur.  Oh well, that what’s she is using, cause I could not wait any longer to visit my furiends!

I have missed you and have so much to tell you…

Oh yeah, we still have Niles….In this picture, he is sleeping….it’s the only time he behaves.


He is such a brat.  Anyhoos, it’s all about me, not Niles, so….


One last picture of me before I head off to go and visit y’alls blogs!!