Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Mischief

Once upon a time, about 8 weeks ago, my mom used to drink coffee.  When she was down to the last sip, I got to finish it off!! 

Then she decided to kick coffee and all other drinks to the curb and as she called it, she quit cold turkey.  She only drinks water now.  Water is not as fun as coffee.

The problem….I was forced to do this cold turkey thing as well.  Not a happy Chihuahua.

I love coffee.

Then a miracle happened…


She had a craving for coffee.   Goodie, if she has coffee then I have coffee.  She reverted back to our old habit and when she was down to the  sip, I got to finish it off!  The last sip  wasn’t good enough, I grabbed the cup and took off!!!


GRRRRR, get away from me Maggie, it’s mine, alllllll  mine!!


Yummmmy!  I licked the cup clean as a whistle!

My mom was full of energy and bugged eyed for the rest of the day and  I was content and happy.  She told me not to get used to it, that we were now back to water only.

Yep, you guessed it, mom takes the prize for this Monday Mischief!


  1. And I thoughts I had problems but you takes da coffee...hehehehe.
    I has to gives your mom props furs stickin' it out and drinkin' waters and giving up coffee. Did hers not gets massive headaches doin' dat?


  2. Look on the bright side... she has given in once so maybe she will again... and you will enjoy it so much more because it has become a treat... well try telling yourself that anyway, it might help!


  3. Maybe you could find someone else who would be willing to share their last sip with you Higgins? Us coffee addicts need to stick together. :)

  4. Wow, Torrey and I never get coffee. Mom and dad drink EVERY drop. Maybe I'll have to be sneaky and get some.

  5. Wow Higgins. Did you get the shakes and head hurts when you were forced to go cold turkey? Droool, hummm turkey. Your MOM definitely qualifies for mischief Monday.

  6. Ha!Ha! You look hilarious with your head in that cup! I don't know how you can give up your coffee Higgins! Maybe you can have someone make a coffee run for you when your Momma isn't looking! I live for my morning coffee and hear your pain buddy. Your Momma is up to some mischief for sure!

  7. Too funny!!
    Just found your blog and love it :)

  8. I never get coffee. I am a very deprived dog.

  9. I'm trying to kick my diet soda habit, myself. It's pretty tough!

  10. I love when mom gives me some Coke!
    Dachshund Nola

  11. Madam Bridget - fellow coffee addict, says it won't be long till your mum cracks again. Patience Higgins.....
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x
    ps, love the cup stealing incident!

  12. OH MY!! I can NOT imagine what it would be like if MY mom gave up HER coffee... She loves it so much that We don't even get a DROP of it. I hope your mom CAVES to the CRAVES.

  13. Hey Higgins, Jet here.

    He he he... you like coffee... glad you enjoyed when she had a fell off the wagon!!! My mom never had coffee, unless it was coffee ice cream, so, can't relate!!!

  14. I didn't drink coffee, but I gave up on soda and I've only been drinking water since the start of this year. It was tough and I had headaches for a while, but now I'm doing great.

    Happy Monday!

  15. Wow...your mom has some really good will power! My mom can't go a day without her coke and she's not as nice as your mom :( She won't give me any sips!

    Have a great week!

  16. one can only hope that your Mom sees the light and goes back to drinking coffee! My Mom is a coffee freak!

  17. Hey Higgins,

    Me thinks you're on water UNTIL the next time!! Tee Hee

    You know lots of reports actually say coffee is good for you!! Not sure about Dogs, but you could try telling Mum yours is medicinal need!! Tee Hee

    Good luck buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  18. Ballahaahhhhh!! Nice this week seems likes it's all about addictions. We bet you'll be seeing coffee more often. Only cuz it sounds like mama broke down for some coffee. We love it when mama shares some of her soy chai lattes. Nom noms!! ~Weinerful Gang~

  19. my mom & dad have their afternoon coffee break everyday and don't give me a drop but that's ok, their coffee time = my snack time!
    xoxo, bailey

  20. Hey sweet Higgins! I sure know that love of coffee thing. Mommy got off coffee for a while and I missed it too. Now, she is back to her ole coffee ways, and I get a lil sip or two as well. Hugs to you, so glad you (and your Mom) got your 'fix'! (did you see my 'mug shot' of coffee last week, LOL?
    ~ Pixel

  21. Teehee Higgins! Mom adores coffee too! And like you, i'm always sneaking a whiff and licking the coffee cup, and i don't give up!! :P I agree with you! Monday Mischief goes out to Mom! :D