Saturday, May 23, 2015

Today Is The Day Fur New Beginnings

Y'all, do you remember me?  Just in case, here is a picture of my Mantastic self.....

My dogatary (aka Mom) and myself had a long sit and come to Jesus meeting about her duties.  We talked about my needs, my furiends and how much I miss blogging.  I have reassigned her a few duties and have given her a raise to keep her motivated and typing well.  The raise mostly consist of giving me more treats and me giving a few extra kisses, but in my world, that's a pretty stinkin' sweet deal!  BOL!

I have been out of the blog world fur so long I need fur y'all to fill me in on what's missing!

I look forward to catching up on y'all blogs!  Can't wait to get back in the swing of thing!


  1. Sparky and I are so excited your back. Sparky has read all your old blog posts and thinks you are a SuperHero. Hope the raise keeps your dogatary motivated but good help is hard to find. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures.

  2. Oh Higgins it is you!!!!
    I have missed you so much. Glad you are back!
    So much has happened around blogville, it would take forever fur me to tell ya.
    xo Cinnamon

  3. I just got back into blogging and I'm glad you're back too!

  4. Higgins have you been to Sarge's blog.
    Check this out.

  5. Welcome back! I'm hosting Christmas in July if you wanna stop on by and join in.

  6. Welcome back Higgins! We are looking forward to getting to know you!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Well hello Higgins - we are certainly pleased to meet you.

  8. Hello Higgins, I am very pleased to meet you
    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. higgy, where have you been? you weren't here when i had my accident! i was in icu and it was very scary. i'm a lot better now but i'm not sure if i'll ever be 100% again. i'm happy just being alive. i think 100% is overrated anyway, don't you?
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  10. Welcome back! We don't know how long you have been gone but we are glad you got your assistant straightened out! My brother and I are the Mayorz of Blogville. So you have been officially welcomed!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Hi Higgins,
    We think you may have left before we started butt either way WELCOME BACK!!
    Wallace and Samuel

  12. Howdy, Higgins! Pleased to meet ya!

  13. Welcome back home Higgins!!

    Loveys Sasha