Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It’s Been Real….

Yep, it been a real long break!!  Our household always gets busy in November and the human kind seem to run many errands,  I am so happy to report that  it looks like the cold rainy, snowy/mix skies are bringing all that non-sense to a screeching halt!  All I can say is, it’s about time!!  I was feeling a little left out and dare I say neglected??  Nah!

My mom has a few exciting things that she has been whipping up for me in the kitchen and some things that she plans on making.  I am super excited to be sharing some of those things with you this week.  She will be making some of those tomorrow and has promised to have camera in hand to snap a few of the goodies before I woof them up!  {BURP}

A little update on Ginger Bell’s mom…she is doing well after surgery.  I know that Ginger is starting to wag her tail in relief.  It has been hard on Ginger with her, ahem, weight issues.  Her mom has been keeping her from jumping up and snuggling up on the recliner.  Ginger might look little, but that girl is HeAvY!  Trust me I know from experience!

Before I close this post, I am super excited to share with you a new trick I learned…please forgive the grainy photo with glowing eyes, it was taken with a phone.

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I keep my family on their toes now!  Whenever my favorite pieces are missing from my food bowl, I now scoot the bowl into the middle of the floor and then plop my butt into it’s place and look pitiful!  So far, it’s working like a charm!  HA!

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Of course, new tricks can sometimes tucker a Mantastic Chihuahua out, like myself!   Have a great day!

Don’t forget that I am back and have some exciting things coming up to share with you!  See you tomorrow!