Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Christmas Edition

Do you have this issue

Or this issue

Well have I got a solution for you

Brother bought this nifty laser tripwire and we quickly found perfect use for it.

Needless to say sister is not very happy and has decided to pout in mamma's pink bucket she brought home from the hospital (Mamma never used it FYI)

But if you don't have a snazzy trip wire go out and get you one of these she hates this too ;)

This message brought to you by Ginger @ The Adventures Of Higgins


  1. So funny!! Poor Tilda, an indoor tree and no way to climb it because its booby trapped!

  2. Awe poor kitty:( Higgins, I think you should go down there and show them how to bypass the booby trap!!