Friday, August 26, 2011

National Dog Day is TODAY! Woof!

It’s also Free For All Friday…

I am so excited that there is a day just for me and my fellow four legged friends!  This makes me howl with excitement!  Not to wag my own tail, but many dogs like myself deserve this day because we offer so much to our humans. 

I know for me, I am always there with unconditional love.  I came into my moms life at a very difficult time.  She was very sad and I was there, loving her through it.  I did it not because I had to, but I wanted to and when her heart was broke, so was mine. 

So what can you humans do today to honor the dogs  in your life??  So glad you want to know, I have lots of things to suggest!

Plan an outing.   Yesterday my mom took me to town for a walk on our local green way.  Then it was a trip to Petco for my favorite snacks and Dairy Queen on the way home for their special dog treat!  Or you could host a barbecue or picnic that includes other “dog friends.” Your dog will enjoy your undivided attention.  Feeling adventurous? Try a getaway to a dog-friendly hotel or resort.

Shop for toys. Dogs can be rough on their toys, and tattered toys pose a risk to your dog’s health. Make a habit of tossing the old toys and replacing with a new batch of intriguing toys each National Dog Day.

Prepare for emergencies. Show your love by taking a pet first-aid course.  Also, spend five minutes updating your cell phone contact list to include the numbers for your veterinarian, an after-hours veterinarian and poison control center. Plug your dog’s microchip number into your cell.

Volunteer. Rescue groups and shelters need your help, even if you can’t make a long-term commitment of time or money.  Find a way to help your local shelter or rescue group. There are struggling individual rescue groups across the country.

Donate. Honor National Dog Day by giving $5 to your local shelter. Many shelters and rescue groups also list needed items, such as blankets and toys.

Adopt.  If you are looking for a new pet, adopt from your local shelter instead of buying from a pet store or puppy mill.   I myself was a shelter pooch and my mom says I am the most mantastic dog ever! 

Since National Dog Day fell on our Free For All Friday, for those who leave a comment, I will put you in drawing and for the winner I will donate a gift card in your name to a shelter in your area.   That way they can buy much needed supplies!

Happy National Dog Day!!


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