Monday, August 29, 2011

Tear Jerker Mantastic Monday

Grab a tissue, this post will require it!

There are men and women everyday that go out and put their life in harms way to protect and fight for our freedom.  They sometimes give all they have, no regrets.  This is man gave his life fighting for us.  He left behind a family and a best friend.

Image: Jon T. Tumilson

Petty Officer 1st Class Jon T. Tumilson was killed along with others on August 6 in Afghanistan.  He died going to help others when his  Chinook helicopter was shot down.   30 troops perished including him.

Navy SEAL Killed In Afghanistan Mourned By Dog

Hawkeye, Jon’s faithful and loyal friend , walked up to the casket at the beginning of the service and then dropped down with a heaving sigh as about 1,500 mourners watched Hawkeye accompanying his master until the end. 

Hawkeye was such a huge part of Tumilson’s life that Tumilson’s family followed the dog down the aisle as they entered the service in front of a capacity crowd in the gymnasium at the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Community School. Hawkeye then followed Tumilson’s good friend, Scott Nichols, as Nichols approached the stage to give a speech. As Nichols prepared to memorialize his friend, Hawkeye dutifully laid down near the casket.

Hawkeye, you are much more worthy than a Mantastic Monday post.

Thank you for your love and loyal service to one of our fallen heros

To read more of this story you can do so here.

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  1. Well now I'm crying. What a super sad story. I loved it though. So sweet.