Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

This morning I was a little upset because my family left me at home alone.  Their excuse, the youngest son had an orthodontic appointment.   W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R.

I did flash them my big, brown, sad, puppy dog eyes on their departure in hopes that it would score me something good on their return home.  It worked!  HA!  Look what my mom got me…


Ginger Bear Snack, because I was running dangerously low.  2 new shirts and new poo bags for our up-coming vacay.  Here is a picture of me modeling one of my new shirts…don’t I look mantastic in this one??


After modeling the new attire, I ran around like a wild banshee in hopes of getting a snack or two.  It worked…always does, they can not resist my cuteness so I get a snack as a reward!

After running wild, I got tired.  I kept scratching my moms legs because I wanted her to pick me up.  She is always working on something on her computer and kept making me wait.  She always says it is important and she can’t hold me and work at the same time.  I do not take “no” as an acceptable answer so I continue until she picks me up.  I was so exhausted that I immediately crashed in her arms.   See, I told you I was tired!!


Oh well,  I guess it is time to for me to sniff out my next adventure since I am well rested from my much needed nap!    See ya tomorrow!


  1. Hey Higgins!

    Miley wants to know where she can get some of those yummy looking Ginger Bear Snacks???? She wants her owner to purchase some ASAP!!!!!

  2. Poor Higgies Mommy was ignoring you when it was nap time.